About Us

Alprange are specialists in the areas of messaging and directories being formed from leading UK experts in these fields.

Alprange Messaging

Formal or Informal. Inter-personal or inter-organisational. High, medium or low grade. Confidential, integrity, non-repudiated. SMTP or X.400. Alprange have key expertise for a range of messaging systems and co-operate with international standards bodies to inform the future of messaging.

Alprange Directories

With a background in X.500, LDAP and Active Directory, Alprange Communications have a wide area of expertise in the design and implementation of directory systems. Increasingly we advise and implement wider, directory-enabled solutions involving meta-directory technology and resulting in e-Provisioning.

Alprange Web Services

Web enabling your legacy and current projects is an aim of many companies, Alprange can assist in the formulation of a clear strategy to enable this and to steer a way through emerging standards (XML, DSML, SOAP, UDDI)

Alprange Projects

Alprange has a number of highly experienced Associates, each with many years I.T. experience and expertise in specific areas including Messaging, Directories, PKI and Security. Some of our key associate’s and their roles are listed below, with their particular areas of expertise in parentheses. Simply click on the associate’s name to see more detailed information about them in a separate window, thus allowing you to access more than one associate’s details at the same time.

Managing Director

David Webb.    Director and Principal Consultant (Messaging and Directories).